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  • Registrations For Grade 3 NOW OPEN.
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News & events 
04 Feb 2015
Kashmir Day
The School will remain closed for Kashmir Day Tomorrow, 5th February 2015.
31 Jan 2015
Updates on Show Timings Today.
Parents who have volunteered to keep their children for the second show of Junior Stars Nadeem Jafri...Read More
29 Jan 2015
Junior Stars Nadeem Jafri Kay ...
Keystone Academy is proud to be participating in the fun and lively show, Junior Stars Nadeem Jafri ...Read More
Our Vision

"We believe in strengthening our communities’ one child at a time by providing quality education. Our motive is to be the best in our field and bring out the best in your child. We believe that laying a strong foundation for your child will be the cornerstone of his success"


Keystone Academy was established in November 2009. Our School is dedicated to nurturing the growth and happiness of children

Our philosophy includes promoting intellectual curiosity, self confidence, emotional well-being and teaching respect for others. We encourage children to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills.

We at Keystone Academy stimulate each child's innate desire to learn by providing hands on experiences for the development of child's emotional, cognitive, social and physical needs. The development of self-confidence and self esteem are essential to the well being of all children so they can explore the world without fear. Our caring and trained experts will guide your child towards his first steps of learning ranging from mathematics and science, to incorporating art, imaginative play, music and outdoor activities.

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